From the way Siu Rui Quek describes it, you know his startup hasn’t produced the usual kind of shopping app. He talks of the community, of users staying up well past midnight browsing the new stuff that flies in, of people using it each day for even longer than Instagram. He doesn’t compare it to Amazon.

Less than a month after raising $35 million in new financing, social commerce and classifieds startup Carousell has made its first acquisition. The Singapore-based company has picked up most of the team from Watch Over Me, a safety app for principally for women that is based in Malaysia, in an acquihire deal that beefs up its engineering chops.


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In this feature from The Straits Times Life!, Carousell was mentioned as having over 26,000 retro gaming items listed with close to 10,000 items sold. The report also listed the price range of items which we provided.

看好台灣行動電商市場,上週正式宣布獲得國際一線知名創投公司紅杉資本(Sequoia Capital)的600萬美元A輪投資,為新加坡第一個獲紅衫資本投資的C2C(Customer to Customer) 行動買賣平台新創公司「Carousell - 旋轉拍賣」,昨日由三位創辦人郭修瑞、吳承翰與陳翊偉正式宣布登陸台灣。

Carousell 新加坡共同創辦人與台灣成員合影, 左一為今日主要發言者郭修瑞,左三為台灣社群經理陳愉安 來自新加坡的年輕團隊,兩年半前開發了名為「 Carousell (旋轉拍賣)」的 app,簡化手機「C2C」交易,隨拍隨賣,30 秒即可開張網路商店,自行銷售與創造物品價值。巨大的市場潛力吸引樂天、Golden Gate Ventures、500 Startups 等創投青睞,今年 11 月再獲美國紅杉資本 600 萬美金 A 輪投資,主要用於開發新市場。

With another holiday season just around the corner, it's time to prepare for the onslaught of steep discounts from retailers. For some, that means cleaning out the clothes closet to make way for all the new outfits. But dragging bags of used clothing to the local consignment shop or Salvation Army takes effort and time.

Carousell, a mobile app marketplace that lets sellers upload items with a few taps on their smartphones, has raised $6 million Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital. The Singaporean startup's existing investors, Rakuten Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, and serial entrepreneur Darius Cheung, also returned for this round, which brings Carousell's total raised so far to $6.8 million.



數位時代科技媒體,每日聚焦全球、中國及台灣等地區最新的科技、網路、綠能、數位行銷、品牌及設計等議題的動態及趨勢,為讀者篩選與推薦重要的產業資訊、科技評論與商業創新模式;並透過雜誌、電子報、iPhone/Android/iPad App、Facebook粉絲專頁、微博等多元媒體,提供讀者自由選擇。

A Singapore-made phone application is getting ready to take on big boys like Craigslist and eBay.

Just over a week ago, Carousell made headlines when it secured a cool million dollars in a seed funding round led by Rakuten - the world's third-largest ecommerce company.

"We are very encouraged. A year ago, we never thought something like this would happen," says Mr Quek Siu Rui, 25, one of the co-founders of Carousell.

The app is a mobile marketplace that lets users buy and sell items within Singapore. Users can post listings, upload photos, and follow their favourite sellers.

Carousell, a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace app for iOS and Android, has raised a $1 million SGD (about $800,000 USD) seed round led by Rakuten. Other investors include Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, Danny Oei Wirianto and Darius Cheung. The startup will use its funding to expand into Indonesia and Malaysia before tackling other Southeast Asian markets.

Mobile marketplace app Carousell secures $1m in seed funding

LIANA Ho, or "altego" as she is known to buyers online, has sold over 50 Star Wars and gaming T-shirts via Carousell since December last year. With 1,463 followers, she is among the top one per cent of followed users on the Singapore-based mobile marketplace app, and said that since she started using Carousell, she has not been able to stop.

Mobile marketplace start-up Carousell, founded by three National University of Singapore graduates, said yesterday that it has raised $1 million in seed investment.

MOBILE marketplace startup Carousell has raised S$1 million (US$802,650) in seed investment to fuel its ambitions in South-East Asia.

Carousell, currently headquartered in Singapore, is a mobile-first consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace and app that aims to make selling as simple as taking a photo. - See more at:


Funding Daily: Chocolate Jesus

Mobile marketplace Carousell has raised a $800K seed investment from Rakuten, Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups and angel investors. Carousell aims to make it easy for people to buy and sell things on their phone. The Singapore-based company will use the funding to grow its presence in Southeast Asia, with plans to expand into Malaysia and Indonesia next.

A million smackeroos to get more users on the Carousell

obile marketplace Carousell has just raised SGD1 million worth of seed funding in an effort inspire 610 million Southeast Asians to start selling stuff with their smartphones.

The round was led by Rakuten and includes 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures, as well as angels Danny Oei Wirianto and Darius Cheng.

Available in Singapore since 2012, the beautiful app provides its users a simple and easy way to sell your products. “We truly hope it will help you sell the stuff that you’ve always wanted to sell but procrastinated doing so time and again. We’ve made it super simple, and will keep making it simpler, and simpler,” said the team when it was first launched.



この連載では、シンガポール在住のライターが東南アジア域内で注目を集めるスタートアップ企業を現地で取材。企業の姿を通して、東南アジアにおけるIT市場の今を伝える。前回に引き続き、シンガポール国立大学(NUS)が運営するインキュベーション事業「NUS Enterprise」の支援を受けるスタートアップ企業の中から、同事業のメンターが推薦する企業を取り上げる。

三大男生 经营女性时尚用品网络卖场

三名大男生设计了提供二手物品买卖服务的手机应用程序,大受女性用户的欢迎。上个月,他们与新加坡报业控股期刊一起合作SheShops Marketplace。现在,他们周围的女性朋友都向他们讨教最新的时尚潮流。 - See more at:




Mobile commerce startup, Carousell, is set to be the hottest startup in Asia this year. Here is why. It’s been a while since I was genuinely excited about a startup in Singapore. Last year in September, there was a startup from Singapore which I was bullish about ...

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It's no secret that Singapore has, in the last couple of years, become something of an Asian hub for startups, thanks to a combination of a tech-savvy population, comparatively easy access to funding and a quality of life (and yes, favorable tax rates) that attracts overseas talent and investors.

Hop on the Carousell

Feeling guilty about the household items you've been meaning to sell for months? Carousell could be the app for you.

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I love the concept. Nowadays, everyone (almost) has a Smartphone with camera. To sell your things, just snap a picture of the item, post it on Carousell. Potential buyer can then chat and buy the product with the owner. The user base has increased tremendously since the debut. So, if you are a seller, this might a good digital “Flea Market” to sell your stuff.

"Singapore Press Holdings’ STClassifieds has joined forces with the lifestyle marketplace app startup to create a better mobile experience for users. Now Carousell users will be able to reach out to the wider audience provided by the STClassifieds platform, which increases their chances of selling their brand-new or secondhand goods."

Following its easy to use platform and high user adoption, Carousell is now partnering with STClassifieds to provide their users with a larger base of prospective buyers. The cross platform partnership will see listings posted on Carousell being posted to STClassifieds too.

"Clothes, books, electronics, pianos, and even an iPhone 5 – is there anything that you can’t get on Carousell (v.1.1.2)? We all know eBay can be pain to use sometimes, so an accessible iPhone app that allows users to buy and sell items with great ease, and with no strings attached is very much welcomed."